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Who says charity can’t be sexy!

  • I'm a giver, not a taker.
  • I find more pleasure in other's happiness.
  • My love does not discriminate.

In 2013 I'm going to be more grateful and help others.

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Inspiring story from Ashley Ann Vickers of a charitable homeless man. Read it on Facebook

Ashley Ann VickersWow - I'm sitting in my car crying because of what I just experienced. I saw a homeless guy outside of the grocery store and noticed he walked inside only to LOOK at the food and left. I got a big platter of fried chicken and cornbread with 2 sodas for him. When I walked it out to him there were 3 other homeless guys and the first thing he did was asked if they wanted some and began sharing. He even gave away his drinks. UNBELIEVABLE! How can we be so selfish when people who have so little still share...? In 2013 I'm going to be more grateful and help others.

Ashley Ann Vickers

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